Slab Leak Causes and Prevention

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Residents that have a cement slab foundation, have water pipes inside the slab. When these pipes begin to leak water, it is called a slab leak. It can be incredibly challenging to find a slab leak without the proper equipment. Nonetheless, if it found early, it could save house owners lots of expenses if the leak causes significant destruction to ones home.

Consequently, consistently arranged plumbing maintenance is essential for property owners to have actually done. Normal maintenance to a residence helps make certain that the entire plumbing system is working effectively and all leakages are caught and repaired as quickly as possible. A slab leak could influence the capacity to sell a home and definitely will should be fixed.

Sources of Fort Myers Slab LeaksSlab Leak Repair in Fort Myers

The following variables could cause slab leaks.

Pipes are constructed from metal and while being underground, electrolysis is a natural process that will certainly occur creating pipes to corrode. This can bring about openings in the pipes and eventually a leak in the slab .

Pipes go through the process of contraction and expansion thanks to the water inside the pipe, and with vibrations with the pipe as water runs in it. The surface of the pipes can have leakages as a result of this constant abrasion.

It does not matter if one lives in an area that is prone to earthquakes, there is a bunch of pressure on underground pipes. This can bring about slab leaks. If the water pressure is actually not exactly what is has to be, house owners can effortlessly tell when using any kind of faucet.

A building flaw could cause a costly slab leak scenario.

How One Can Stop Slab Leaks

The these suggestions are suggested for aiding to prevent slab leaks from occurring.

A consistent water pressure ought to be preserved in the pipes at all times. This is a delicate balance in any kind of plumbing system, and a great need to make certain an expert inspects ones plumbing at home occasionally.

The pH level of the water ought to be checked. This will let a plumber know if the pipes are becoming worn away from within . Additionally, a simple sign of corrosion is when the water coming out the faucets is tarnished. Though it can be detected with a pH examination prior to the pipes being corroded enough to start to stain the water.

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners. They will harm the inside of pipes and ultimately lead to a slab leak.

House owners need to keep account of the general water use on the water bill. If the quantity of water is increasing, and the use is the same, there is a leak someplace.

Only a specialist plumbing business ought to be used for upkeep and complete assessments. We have the correct equipment to evaluate for leakages, and execute any sort of required repairs. We have years of experience with Fort Myers slab leak detection also. Get in touch with us today if you believe you have a possible slab leak in your home.

Reasons for Sewer Backups

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The frightening reality several property owners might not realize it that a sewage backup can occur to practically any individual at anytime, and quite usually it’s of no fault of the property owner. Having sewer malfunctions is an uncommon thing though, so do not let this post distress you regarding it potentially being an issue at your Fort Myers home.

Sewer backups do searching for to be treated when feasible, however, as water damage to ones home could take place, in addition to the opportunity of health and wellness dangers if the situation is left to get even worse. The sewer will certainly not just clean itself.

We will certainly first detail a few of the major reasons for a sewage backup, and after that offer a list of things to keep an eye out for to assist with detecting the concern if one thinks it is a sewer primary issue instead of isolated to merely ones residence.

Many Typical Sources of Sewer OverflowFort Myers Sewer Backflow

One reason it could occur which could or might not be ones mistake is when tree roots disrupt the sewer main line, they create interruption by expanding deep right into the ground and also permeating via the sewer pipes, and also in many cases constrict the water pipes and render it completely nonfunctional.

An additional factor that can have a detrimental affect to ones plumbing system is the age of the pipes. Older sewer pipes will certainly degrade in time as well as today’s pipe products are much more long lasting then anything presently set up in ones residence.

The final most typical factor for sewer overflows is due to incorrect use of ones drains in the residence. Placing oil and oil right into ones drains will certainly have a negative effect on ones overall plumbing system. This could go down the drain as fluid, yet it does not take long for it to strengthen and also begin triggering troubles. Home owners should make sure of exactly what gets flushed down the toilet also.

According to the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority:

Blockages are often caused by soil settlement, misaligned joints, root infiltration, pipe collapses, grease buildup, or by other items that have been flushed down a drain.

Diagnosing A Blockage or Backup

Occasionally it could be difficult to establish whether the trouble is a straightforward clog within the plumbing system or if the concern is much larger. Initial ways to check this is with ones toilet. Right here are a couple of little tests to try initially.

First, flush the toilet and then see specifically what occurs. When flushed take a look at the shower or bath tub to see if there is proof of any kind of water coming up with the pipes. If so, possibilities are it is a backup instead of a blockage.

The 2nd examination is to turn the water on in a sink close in area to the commode. Allow the water to run and then go check the toilet. Try and see if any sort of bubbles are developing or if other weird behavior is happening. This will certainly recommend a sewage backup.

Another test is to switch on the washing machine. See if there is any type of impact on either the toilet or bathroom fixtures with overrunning or the visibility of water, while the washing machine is running. If so, give us a phone call.

Ways to Treat a Fort Myers Sewer BackupSewer Cleaning Fort Myers

Once it is established that a sewage backup exists, what is the strategy one should take? Undoubtedly, give us a call to swiftly begin deal with the concern. Likewise, if there any type of harm to ones residential property, make sure to inspect your house insurance plan to see if it covers sewer backup protection, and potentially call the insurance company.

Certainly we do not anticipate residents to determine the source of the backup prior to calling us when the scenario is an emergency situation. We are available 24 hours a day to help with any kind of required Fort Myers Sewer Repair. If there is a backup in the sewer make certain to totally terminate water use until we get to your home. We have one of the most modern equipment to obtain eliminate any kind of sewer obstructions as well as completely clean ones sewer. If you have a septic tank, we will certainly ensure that it is operating as it ought to and does not have to be drained.

Three Slab Leak Repair Options

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Are you beginning to have some doubts that your household could possibly be in need of a slab leak repair? Initially, take a look at the slab leak signs and symptoms we have on this page. Our content below, will highlight three of the most widely implemented methods for handling these types of leaks in ones cement foundation.

Direct Access
This is the traditional and most direct way to uncover slab leaks and fix them, by jack hammering the cement floor so that one can gain access to the pipe and restore the leaking plumbing line. This really is the most disruptive course of action, with a whole lot of noise and mess. If there are actually even more significant issues increasing with the cement slab, this particular form of restoration could just be a short term fix. Likewise, if the leak is below walls or cabinetry, it does not seem sensible to dig up the ground below them. Costs of replacing carpet, wood, or tile flooring need to be considered with the repair quote also.

Epoxy Restoration
First, the interior of the pipes are cleansed and next sprayed with epoxy coating. The epoxy seals the impaired places in the water pipes and puts a stop to the leak. It can perhaps prevent any future water leaks in other places in the water lines as the coating is put on all of the pipes in plumbing system. Places where house owners are concerned about lead or copper contaminants getting into the water will be eliminated as soon as the pipes are sealed on the inside.

Pipe Re-RouteFort Myers Pipe Re-Route
This is often probably the preferred method today for fixing a slab leak and most insurance companies don’t have any issues with it either. It is a pretty self-explanatory phrase, in which a new water line is installed to replace the water line with a leak. The leaking pipe is closed so it won’t proceed to leak. The new pipe is put in frequently in walls or ceilings because we do not need to dig new access within the cement slab for it. This solution is ideal for shorter pipe runs, for when it’s a longer water pipe, the extent of cutting into the interior areas of walls and ceilings would be considerably more substantial. Drywall will be required to be replaced. Having said that, we have a lot of years expertise becoming resourceful in rerouting pipes where it will result in the lowest amount of ruin or renovation to ones property.

Unique technologies always develop and that has definitely been the situation with the unique materials from which water pipes are produced. An item known as PEX piping, is a nonmetallic variety of pipe that is certainly very useful in the pipe re-routing, or repiping procedure. Rather than making use of copper pipes, PEX pipes cost homeowners thousands of dollars less to utilize for a complete home repipe job, so that is an individual advantage. It will certainly also last a lot longer compared with copper pipe. PEX will retain heat within hot water lines, and minimizes condensation within cold water lines.

With whatever way a plumbing repair company uses, the last action then is to carry out a leak evaluation. A total leak detection should be completed on the overall plumbing system to make certain there are actually no water leaks anywhere. Likewise, if you make use of us to execute the improvements, we will absolutely make sure your entire household is more clean than when we entered. With the amount of initial worry we know homeowners have regarding the chaos a Fort Myers slab leak repair may have on their household, we would like our customers only saying the best things about us to their friends and neighbors. We assure to go the extra distance to be sure you are delighted with the final results and our cleanliness.

Easy Drain Maintenance Guide

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We do not wish any of our Fort Myers plumbing repair clients to have a drain clog or require a drain repair. They certainly tend to happen at the most inopportune of times as well. We are available in these periods of residential plumbing issues, but at present we intend to offer a little details on how house owners can look after their drains on their own with drain repair and drain cleaning prevention. At times it might just call for a change in habits around the home but these ideas are easy enough for all homeowners to apply into their daily lives.

Reasons for Fort Myers Drain MaintenanceFort Myers Drain Maintenance

These strategies will aid the prevention of the follow difficulties from developing:
Aromas from a backed up plumbing system which could potentially be dangerous to ones health.
The need to make use of unsafe chemical drain cleaners.
Having to spend money on professional plumbing repair.

Proper Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Let’s examine the way we will achieve trying to keep drains clean and a good general plumbing system. The initial measure in stopping drain clogs would be to clean drains routinely. Its simple to forget about doing this, for a escalating drain clog is not something that are visible, unlike a heap of dirty clothes one can certainly walk near every single day and have an indication that the clothes need to be laundered. For this reason an alteration in habit is going to be required for lots of Fort Myers FL property owners with this. Maintaining a clean bathroom or kitchen is much more than merely cleaning the counters.

Once the actions are taken to pay attention to what precisely goes in ones drains, frequent maintenance of ones drains can be a once a month, or even longer, process. The drains in the bathroom, the showers and tubs will require the most preventative maintenance because of the volume of hair that may go in them. Using a drain screen goes a considerable way in keeping hair out of these drains. Soap residue and hair mixed together inside of a drain is going to clog up in a brief period. However, the issue is that since it is not seen, house owners will overlook it.

Drain Maintenance Agenda


  • Clear away everything collected on the pop-up stoppers in bathroom sinks, and put it in the garbage. Rinse the stopper in advance of placing it back again.
  • Thoroughly clean the drain screens in the tubs and showers. One can make use of a brush to clean them if needed. A lot of property owners like to put on plastic gloves when cleaning them because they don’t enjoy touching the gooey soap-scum screen.


  • The garbage disposal really should be cleaned using a disposer brush. Grinding a couple of cups of ice as well as some table salt will help too. It will get rid of the grease and slime off of the sides of the disposer. After that rinse it out using cold water. A couple of lemon or lime slices can be cut to eliminate any smells.
  • With bathtubs, remove the overflow plate and lift the pop-up piece to reach the spring. Remove any dirt and clean it well.
  • A bacteriological drain cleaner may be used to preserve all the drains all over the house. One will discover various brands out there, however they are really significantly safer compared to chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are definitely not safe to handle and can harm ones plumbing pipes over time.

Now, the target is certainly to have ones drains clean, given that we just cleaned them. The subsequent are ways that every property owners can easily accomplish for helping with this. They are not costly, nevertheless certain ones will take an alteration of routine, but in the long run, the property’s plumbing system will certainly appreciate it.

Mesh screens need to be implemented on all the drains in ones house, particularly for the bathroom. In the kitchen, it may help pick up large debris that do not need to get in a drain, or get cut up through a garbage disposal. These drain screen can simply be cleaned out straight into the garbage.

Brushing ones hair just before getting a shower or bath will help decrease the amount of hair which gets rinsed away. Naturally, put the hair from the hairbrush in the trash, definitely not a sink or toilet.

As soon as it happens to be warm outdoors, shampoo any household pets using a garden hose outside, as opposed to in sinks or bathtubs. Any time household pets are cleaned inside make use of a drain screen or perhaps put a wash cloth over the drain to grab just as much of the pet hair as is possible.Drain Clog Removal Fort Myers

Try out setting up a compost can outside, in reducing not just everything that goes into the garbage disposal, but the garbage too. In case one has kids, this is a great project to undertake to teach the lessons of reusing, recycling, and some gardening also. Most youngsters have fun helping so they can help take stuff to the compost pile outside for you. Whether or not one will utilize the compost for gardening or not, I am certain that one has a next door neighbor who does and would likely be thankful to have it!

Homeowners need to make certain they possess a plunger to use on toilets and drains (Yes, a plunger works extremely well with sink drains as well!), and a drain snake could be invested in at the same time. One can have easy blockages which house owners with a little ingenuity will be able to eradicate using an auger. They are not really that tricky to implement. Nearly all toilet challenges can be solved with a plunger, unless the children were playing in the bathroom with playthings.

Drains are definitely not an alternative for a waste can. Become mindful of precisely what goes in ones drains. A lot of house owners simply have not been shown the appropriate usage of a garbage disposal, toilet, and sink in relation to the disposal of any sort of waste. People with septic tanks need to become very aware about this too, in order to help stop the need for a tank pumping or fix.

The Giant Checklist of What Should Not Get Into a Drain

Grease, fats, or oils from cooking, even though quite possibly in a liquid form when flushed down a drain, will congeal and cause other products to get caught to it, making blockages. Alternatively, use a can or another sort of container to put them in, and then into the trash.

Here’s a grease clog solution from Lifehacker:

One of the first and easiest things you can do is simply flush your drain with a tea kettle of boiling water. It’s not guaranteed to unclog physical or grease blockages, but if you have a slow drain that you think is due to a light or small blockage, a good boiling water flush can clear it out with minimal effort. Wait until the sink or tub has finally drained, and then flush with water.

A note of caution though: the boiling water trick works best on metal pipes. If you have PVC pipes, water over 175 degrees can soften or melt the joints in your pipes. If you don’t know, don’t use boiling water – just use hot water, or water as hot as your tap normally makes it.

Coffee grounds, much to a lot of peoples amazement, act very much like grease within drains.
Meat, poultry, and fish bones are able to be grinded up via a garbage disposal, yet that does not necessarily mean they should. The bits with this will be able to go into a drain pipe but are able to very easily collect with various other objects or stick to the grease one also washed directly into the drain.
Pasta, rice, and breads are wonderful to eat, however result in lots of problems inside of of a drain pipe. They grow whenever additional water is put into a drain, and can obstruct the drain once they enlarge. Any chef can tell you that. Put these types of food wastes into the garbage can instead.
Gum ought to be simple to understand exactly why it must not enter a drain. It is supposed to go under a desk instead, right? My children realize that one.
Stickers and labels from food products will need to go in the garbage, not the kitchen sink drain. . .or any sort of drain.
Hair is probably the leading causes of shower and bathtub drain clogs. Also in this group we will include animal hair, toy doll hair, fluffy pillows, or stuffed animal fluff.
Paper towels and napkins from time to time will not break down thoroughly enough for a lot of septic or sewage systems. When in hesitation, throw it out.
Feminine hygiene products and their packaging shouldn’t be flushed within a toilet.
Fibrous materials like cotton balls and swabs, cigarette butts, dryer sheets do not get flushed down drains well. This can include certain foods such as celery, carrots, and potato peels too. It can become a fiber mess in a garbage disposal.
Kitty litter is just not a good option for drains. It may say that it is flushable yet just do not do it.
Items that are described as “flushable” like baby wipes and sanitary items won’t always break down well, notably for people that have a septic system.
Band-aids and dental floss may get fastened to small clogs growing inside ones drains and can also then become a bigger clog.
Razors, blades, syringes, needles, and the like. They can hurt municipal sewage staff and injury wildlife. Local pharmacies or public health divisions may let you know where you should get rid of them.
Everything rubber, such as balloons, condoms, gloves will inflate and bring about lots of drain difficulties.
Prescription medications, lotions and creams, and cosmetics. There are unhealthy toxins in lots of of these items that don’t need to get into the outdoor environment. Hopefully it isn’t news a large number of cosmetics and lotions actually are not that good for ones health. A number of pharmacies will collect excess medications.
Glue. Despite the fact that the kids might possibly think it is entertaining to squirt down a drain, hopefully parents will understand the reason it is certainly not a good idea.
Any type of bottle cap, metal or plastic, can get jammed in small drain pipes. Plus, they most likely are not extremely nice to garbage disposals blades as well.
The quantity of toys which we have to help get un-lodged from toilets is incredible. If one has young children at home, show them regarding exactly what is and is not alright to flush down a commode; nonetheless, we understand that observing army men or whichever the toy of choice is, is good fun to watch swirl around.
Ever become aware of the soapy deposits that takes place in the bottom of sinks or tubs? Almost everything may and will adhere to this. Limit the amount of detergent, shampoo, and toothpaste as much as attainable.
Paint, paint solvents, nail polish, or nail polish remover can injure the groundwater and are illegal to put within drains in certain spots of the country. Quite a few recycling facilities will take them or talk to a local paint store of where to take them.
Motor oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze. Local recycling facilities normally take these. Check on the internet for their locations. Not every recycling center is going to take all sorts of substances. Ask an auto parts retailer as well for information on where to take them.
Do not use bleach.

Beyond Toxins states the following:

Household bleach (sodium hydroxide) is not technically speaking considered corrosive or toxic, even if ingested. However, bleach exposure can cause irritation in the eyes, mouth, lungs and on skin. Individuals with asthma or other breathing problems are particularly susceptible. It can burn human tissue, internally or externally, especially in small children.

So that is a lot to take in we realize. We are always right here for virtually any help you might require with your home plumbing system, besides for slab leak repairs and drain repairs. Contact us 24 / 7!